On the CV Lazım website, you can find answers to many questions you want to ask about CV in the frequently asked questions section. If you cannot find the question you are looking for, you can contact us.

You can start preparing your CV quickly and easily by filling out the CV creation form on the Create CV page on our website. 
The CVs you download are in PDF format, which is the most suitable CV format. PDF is preferred in many areas such as official documents, books, and documents. It is a file format that can be easily viewed and printed on most devices.
You can request your quick edit link from our customer service or you can add your CV to your account by logging in from the top right of our website.
Yes, after logging into your account from the top right, go to the profile page and click on the create draft button on the right side of the drafts section and you can create a new CV draft.
Select the language you want from the language options at the top right and fill out your CV in that language on the CV creation page. If you want to create a CV in more than one language, you can start filling out your CV in a different language by logging in to your account at the top right, creating a new draft and changing your language.
In the Experiences section, you can sort the headings by grabbing and dragging the 3 lines on the left side of each heading. You can sort the items under the headings by dragging the up and down arrow keys on the right side of the items.
The CVs on our site are paid and there is no subscription system on our site. You can edit the CVs you have purchased for 9 days and change your design.
Yes, you can send it. After purchasing the CVs you have created, you can send the PDF format file you will download as an e-mail or via a different platform such as whatsapp.
You can edit your CV for 9 days after purchase. When your time is up, you will need to purchase your CV again in order to download it again.
You can solve your problem by contacting our support team. You can contact us via the quick support section on the bottom right of the site, the whatsapp section on the left or our contact page.


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